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Exchange Property

Exchange Property

If you’re in search of exchanging your property with any other remunerating property offer, then you have landed at the right place. Sach Marketing provides you a secure and simple consultation for your property exchange. You can exchange residential as well as commercial properties. Among residential properties, you can opt for an exchange of houses, bungalows, apartments, or pieces of land.

Residential Property


A perfect consultation for the residents of Islamabad and Lahore who are eager to visit each other’s cities but can’t afford to stay in hotels or guest houses. Sach Marketing offers you safe exchange plans for your home according to your desires. If you’re looking for a modern-looking house with big lawns and an open area, or if you’re opting for a vintage house, we’ve got your back. Also if you want a small cozy house or a single-story house, we’d make sure that your desires are fulfilled. Also, depending upon the square yards, area, number of bathrooms, and number of bedrooms, you’d be guided accordingly. Now you don’t have to worry about moving to a new place, instead, you’d be free to live like local people with our consultation and guidance. In this manner, you can have your privacy intact as well as enjoy your stay at a specific house.


Sach Marketing helps buyers and marketers narrow down their choices by presenting them with properties for exchange of their own choice. Besides swapping houses, you can now exchange the bungalows in Islamabad and Lahore with our guide which will enable you to make the right, secure and profitable choices in a short time. Focusing on the specifications given by the buyers, such as the peaceful environment, Italian or traditional kitchen, single, double or triple story, car parking, tiled or carpeted floors, and many more, we help them choose the best option among all other options.


Various types of apartments can be exchanged depending upon which suits you the best. If you’re looking to exchange a shared apartment then it varies from six to ten residents. All the rooms in this type of apartment are single occupancy rooms while size may vary considerably. If you want to opt for a studio, it has one big room with a small kitchen and bathroom. These apartments are not furnished but have other facilities such as a laundry area, refrigerator, electric oven, etc. Also, one-bedroom apartments are also available which include two rooms, a kitchen, and a bathroom. Just like studios, these apartments are not furnished but basic facilities are there.

Piece of Land

Some of you must be in search of an exchange of residential lands/plots. Most of the buyers are reluctant to buy properties at new locations or exchanging their land with someone who isn’t credible. We offer the best consulting services and can guide you from start till the end about the ins and outs of exchanging your piece of land against another. This highly depends upon the location, for example, the lands/plots on the main road have a greater value as compared to the ones that are located far away. Similarly, if you are seeking land close to commercial areas then it will be costly as well. Looking at the buyer’s desires and marketer’s demand, we bring them both to a negotiable point, making a win-win situation for both parties.

Commercial Property


The number of restaurants is increasing each day. So if you’re looking to pursue your dream of opening up a restaurant in Lahore or Islamabad then you have landed at the right spot. We can give you simple, easy, and quick guidance regarding the exchange methodology of your restaurants. If you can identify which ideal consumers you want to target, we can help you have access to that specific location. Similarly, if you’re searching for a specific theme-oriented restaurant or their menu then you will be guided accordingly. We also cover a wide variety of restaurants which includes, fast food restaurants, drive-thrus, sports bar, casual dining, fine dining, food trucks, etc.

Agriculture Land

If you’re interested in the exchange of land for the production of horticulture, dairy, floriculture, grains, berries, seeds, or animal products but are not sure whether to invest your money in that specific location or not, then Sach Marketing is at your service. We provide you with value plans and make sure that buyers, as well as the sellers, are accommodated and an advantage is given to both parties. The desired area of land and location will be taken into consideration during the consultation process.


Some individuals might seek an opportunity to have an exchange of plazas in either Lahore or Islamabad. Depending upon the location, whether the plaza is located at the corner or somewhere in the middle, guidelines will be provided to you. Rental value, number of floors, height, width, and length would also be taken into account while consulting. The profit analysis would also be discussed in the investment consultancy program.


Sach Marketing also guides you about your opinion of exchange for office property. Whether you want a well-furnished modern looking office at a valued location or you want to have a small one with just basic facilities at a regular place, we give you a proper guideline and help you clear your doubts about a specific decision. How much area in square feet you prefer and what rental value the specific office has? Such questions would be answered and will direct you to make a successful choice.